Professional Ghostwriting Services

Hiring a professional ghostwriter may be just the solution to get your idea published into successful story. Do you have a story but don't know how to put it to paper? Maybe you don't have the time or the confidence to write? Ghostwriters provide writing services for both fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Ghostwriting Process

I ghostwrite for clients who have a story to tell, but who--for whatever reason--are not able to write it themselves. Some only have an idea or a general summary of a story. Others have had nearly finished manuscripts that needed to be rewritten. 

My ghostwriting process begins with discussing the background information that my client can provide, whether an outline or manuscript. I need to understand the plot ideas, characters, and general theme for the story so that I can create style guides and timelines to help flesh out my understanding. 

Once I am comfortable with the idea, I begin ghostwriting. Throughout the effort, I present chapters or pieces of content that the client can review and provide feedback. Over time, we create a story that achieves what the client set out to do with my ghostwriting help. 

The client is then responsible for taking the final manuscript and submitting it to publishers. He/she is also responsible for the marketing and other aspects typically needed to sell the book. 

As a ghostwriter, I am the writer, and my client is the author. The client receives all the accolades for the book and, in return, I request an editing credit. I am also allowed to use up to two pages of the work to provide as a writing sample, without providing the name of the manuscript.

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